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Did you know GNU GPL gives power to user to sell your code without compensating you??

Given that GNU GPL/AGPL/MIT/BSD/APACHE is not able to secure commercial interest of corporation/creator/developer for upstream code and making upstream code proprietory seems unethical to many of our users, we have created a new license called "COSCO for Commercial Open Souce COde License" for ease of developers with love for open source for maintaining trust between users and developers. The motive of the license is to limit the redistribution of the code for commercial or non commercial purposes without compensating the original creator/author/developer. We will be authoring the license on this site over next few days.


Given the end user which may be any entity,when using/downloading/accessing/buying any peice of code/software or whole accepts this license wholly to abide by the terms and conditions that are specified within

Software - snippet of or whole source code or binary or both Developer - creator, original author , original distributor which can be a single person, corporation or indistinct identity

1)Limitation of Liability-
Developers/Coporation selling this software are not liable for any damage/irregularity/malfunctions caused by this software

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Zeta Tech takes neutral stand on everything including your ideology.

India's 3 Farm Laws provide a better environment for good trade of agricultural products and their derivatives. However as per experts, any such reform would not boost the market as the recession we face currently is solely due to lack of demand. Additionally, previous dip in demand for processed food is attributed to health consiousness and unaffordable price tags. GOI is struggling to convience farm bodies on issues presented. Forcing private players to register for trade would be a drawback. Tax on APMCs should be also be abolished along with government purchase quota announced before purchasing season begins. Better solution could be presented with introduction of private players right within APMC premises and freedom for farmers to pick their own choice.

FTA i.e. Free Trade Agreement between countries is usually a sign of closeness between countries.Post-liberalisation India was one of the major countries to push FTA and bilateral ties to next level. However for long time India is lost in confusion of Populism vs Capitalism. Populism is not always good. Out of various FTAs India has signed till date, only 13 remain in force. With exports weaking, GOI is pushing for cut on exports essentially revering the liberalisation move. India's Trade Volume may decrease in coming years leading to even bigger recession with weak currency. GOI should work for FTAs with Eropean Union, Indonesia, Mexico, African Union. Among these african union could become a bigger market for us than we are for the world.

With CAATSA, United States is on sanction spree. Recently, Turkey, a NATO ally has been sanctioned by US government for buying S400 Anti Missile Defence system from Russia. Turkey has refused to lend ears stating that S-400 is a lot better than US's own Patriot at a much better price tag. GOI has also signed pact with Russia for defence aircrafts and S-400 defense system amidst tensions with China. The pact has managed to get big bully US to "warn" India against execution of the deal. This defense deal is a big opportunity for India to gain ground against China. GOI has not released any statement officially yet. But America seems to be not so liberal about competition and wishes to maintain monopoly over the defense market at cost of world peace. Hypocracy is indeed US's weapon.

Recession in 2020 was inevitable. COVID -19 ruined lives and businesses. What is more important than admitting theses statements is fixing them. A large section of population is at risk of slipping into poverty due to rising health bills and reducing income. GOI has announced a series of steps to combat the recession but most likely or as experts say it will be unfruitful. Large sums promised in spending is not complete solution. India should boost it's ever decreasing exports. Subsituting it's loss with loans don't work. This altogether puts India at risk of going under severe debt and turning into another Greece. Debt from banking system must not be written off but be compensated for withn solid backing rather than virtual transaction or transfer of debt. Hope GOI will figure it out.

Zeta Tech upgrades to BlackArch.

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